Canada Dreams
This would not be a real Canadian venture without an apology. First, I would like to apologize for the spelling and grammar mistakes. I learned British, American, and French grammar and spellings; I'm totally confused.
The concept of an apology was unknown to the natives of North America before the white man arrived. A person's word was more valuable to them, so every deed was deliberate and honoured. There were no mistakes to be undone by a word. There were only lessons to be learned and not repeated. I will not add one more apology to the list of broken apologies to the Indigenous People. I can not state the injustices done to them over the last five hundred years in strong enough terms. I recognize that the Nazis studied the reserve system of the States in order to set up their concentration camps. The South Africans studied the Canadian reserve system in order to set up their system of apartheid.

Canadians of Japanese origin were rounded up and imprisoned during the Second World War. Their land and possessions were confiscated. Many of these people were second and third generation Canadians. Canada was also one of the countries that harbored Nazi war criminals and refused entry to Jewish refugees.
I want to apologize to the men and women of Canada who have mistakenly taken from what I have written that Canadians are not patriotic.
Canadians are just not loud about their love for the country. Perhaps as we become more like the States that will change. I want to apologize to the Québécois. I am presently searching for funding to have all the text translated. If anyone else would like an apology feel free to contact me, I love to apologize. I am a Canadian and proud of it! Sorry, eh?

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