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Bhawna Gola

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Love, Dignity, Loyalty, Spirituality & Charm makes me a person I love. Bhawna is a Hindi word that means a sacred feeling.

I was born on 29th of September 1979 with Many Dreams. Dreams to see everyone happy, everything beautiful & everywhere peace But my most precious relationship was with My God, who was my mother, father, friend & also a true companion. To see everything with the perspective of love of any kind was my nature. I am a Libran you know. You must have guessed it. Goddess Venus, The Goddess of Love & Charm made me dream of someone special. A soul mate, someone for whom I can do anything in life. The hero of all my dreams. Writing is my passion, thinking is in my process & imaginations is an obsession for me. Since childhood I was surrounded by two most important beings of my life. First is God & second is my soul mate (whom I haven't met till now). A spirit enlightened by a close friend made me think that I could choose Writing as my profession. And that's how a girl with limiting herself to softness around & ability to perceive things in diversified ways became a Professional Writer. My versatility is my strength. I can write anything whether, Poems, Lyrics, Scripts, Screenplays & Stories. These days I work for Television.

Love You. Bless me with a kind heart.
Share every moment with Love.

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