Canada Dreams
Seven Generations in the past seven generations into the future. This is how the natives viewed their responsiblity in the scheme of things. This piece is the honouring of a dream given to me by my unconsciousness. In the dream I was at a native celebration. After meeting some native elders I was told that I would be meeting someone who would teach me how to deepen my artistic process. The only person I knew in the dream was Norval Morrisseau who I had the honour of meeting in the eighties. I then sat down to watch a cerimony in which the native dancers walked up into the sky.
I chose to honour the dream in this fashion to show the depenDance that we have on each other. There are many people attached to these feet. People coming into the world and people leaving it. My wife and I lost an unborn baby and its foot is here, was here.

The oil is approximately 49"X37". Completed Jan. 1996. $2000.00 Can. Unframed.

Entrance to John's works, The Bull Dream, Primitive Truth, The Messengers, Inner Realm, and The Ancestors

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