Canada Dreams
                                 The Smile

      Well once a week the mild and meek should go into the chancel
         To just confess their sins away, so they can all be cancelled
          And so to keep appearances, this well built buxomy lass
           Did enter the Confessional before they said the Mass.

        "Oh Father, Father I have sinned, I hope that you'll forgive
      The weakness of the flesh I've shown just down there where I live
       I've gone to bed with John and Patrick, and oh yes with Mick
      Since last I saw you, just one week, the time has gone so quick."

        "My child" the Priest did now reply "I want you to go home
        And drink a glass of lemon juice, now quickly do not roam"
           "If I do this will it purge me, will my sins be erased?"
       "Well no, but it will surely take the smile right off your face."

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