Canada Dreams
          The Sky Soul

        Blue sky adorns the place
        I stand
        White clouds drift by
        In reckless disarray
        And quietly I sit and watch
        The beauty of the

        My soul and the sky are one
        Tied together by a golden
        A heartbeat in the sands
        Of time
        That marches on at finite

        My soul flies free, unleashed
        From the mores of the the time
        To soar
        O'er the heads of mortal men
        And meld
        With psychic tremours
        Up above

        In tender warmth, I feel your
        Loving touch and
        As dawn breaks beyond
        The darkened mountain
        My back

        Snow covered ground surrounds
        The Bay today
        Small icepacks float aimlessly
        In the grey water
        Looking for a union with
        Just like me.

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