Canada Dreams
    In The Dark 

    Off in the dark, where evil lies.
    Off in the dark, where all good dies.
    Off in the dark, a creature spies.
    Off in the dark, with many eye's.

    Off in the dark, evil takes a face,
    Far out of the shadows does evil race.
    A great many spies does evil employ.
    For its decoy, it must deploy.

    A fast pace must it keep, not to be found,
    The last time it was bound,
    To that dark and sinister place,
    Now it's evils to start the chase.

    The forces of good it will try to disgrace,
    To disgrace and deface,
    That is all it sees.
    To complete its evil is all it wants to see.

    The forces of good it will attempt to destroy,
    It must leure good into a trap, set with a decoy.
    One of the forces of good does it capture, and bind him to the shadow,
    With the sheer determination of hearing its pain,
    To hear the pain of good in its heart and vain.

    The rest of the forces of good will it seek out.
    To destroy them as well, without a doubt.
    While still it roams free,
    Good must always flee.

    Only the strong will survive.

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