Canada Dreams
        In The Distant Dark

        In the distant dark,
        Trumpets sound, distant yet strong,
        Strong yet weak,
        In the distance a sharp battle cry,
        A battle cry from an unremebered age, long long ago,
        An age long gone, a people long dead,
        It is a cry from the heart,
        The people may die, But the blood lives on.

        In the distant dark,
        Swords clash against swords,
        Thunder crashes across the sky,
        One side advances then the other,
        For days arrows hail, and metal clangs,
        Until finally one side is victorious,
        The ground stained red with blood,
        Families that will not live on,
        A family that will not hear praise,
        For the bravery of showing up that doomed day.

        Long after the battle ends,
        Vulture's circle the skies,
        Feeding from the rotting flesh below,
        Spots of black cover the ground,
        The smell of death lingers for miles,
        Raiders steal from the dead,
        The sky is no-longer blue,
        The sky has now turned black,
        Black as death, Black as night ...... in the day.

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