Canada Dreams
            Return to The Emptiness

            Happiness deserts me,
            Sadness returns,
            The sadness and sorrow of a soul forbidden to rest,
            A soul doomed to walk the earth for all of time.
            This is a sorrow that cannot be demolished,
            It can't be destroyed or released!
            My soul can never rest, my life may end but I will go on.
            Go on to another body, another life,
            But the pain will still be there!
            The pain, the solitude, the loneliness.
            I have returned to the emptiness,
            I have returned to the cold!
            Only one can bring me out,
            Only one can sooth the eternal rage!
            I would protect her with my own life,
            I would love her until my last breath,
            She has taken my soul,
            She has gained my love!
            With that love comes all of eternity!
            It would destroy me if she left me,
            If she left I would surely perish!
            Without her I am a shell of a person,
            Without her I am cold,
            She is the only flame in my heart,
            She is my hearts only song,
            She is my one and only love!

    This is dedicated to some-one very special to me.  Her name is Amanda
    Allen.  Amanda if your reading this ...........  I LOVE YOU!

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