Canada Dreams

                long lost and found again
                a moment slips through
                my fingers and
                	lands behind my eyes,
                	embedded in memory
                a soft tear   wet with joy and sadness and sadness and sadness
                runs onto my lips and i taste
                	her soul
                and as it flows downward
                	i am lifted

                fingers and palms and heat and touch
                		a stolen kiss
                	a stolen kiss
                		a stolen moment within each kiss
                and i scream and shatter
                	and am torn apart    by this
                this simple complicated missing piece
                of myself   of who i could be   but am not
                		i am broken   i am lost
                	i am nothing   without   this piece
                	too much of not enough is all i have
                to hold
                i need more of something of something i've
                never     really    had
                			and i want to be greedy
                			and i want to be
                			and i want to
                and i will never let her go   and i will always be empty
                		broken and empty and happy and dead
                i've got nothing to hold me
                		i've got memories instead

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