Canada Dreams
                  suicide and popcorn

                suicide and popcorn
                easy enough to make
                        love on a Sunday
                morning without the
                daylight wakes me and i
                see i am alone again
                crowded in a room
                full of you
                        sit in front
                of the open window
                closed from within
                                and we both
                know how bad we lie

                moody shadows
                angry at me
                        and i laugh along
                with you as you as you as
                you know the reason why
                        do you laugh
                i can still see you
                there    by the window
                open from the closed behind me

                your angry shadow hides
                my face
                the pillows smell sweet with the
                sweat of a hundred hours
                and a million tears
                        and anything
                is better than this moment of memory
                        i crawl towards the
                open corner
                and close the walls around me
                        and slip between the crack in the floor
                to the below under us
                because i like to look from a distance
                at the distance between us
                        when you're not around
                and around the corners
                i circle
                the sqaure that i'm in
                not looking but seeing you
                anyway from above
                me like a cloud
                        and i fall under your shade
                me from myself because
                i'm shinning too bright right
                        you know why i wrapped
                the walls around me today
                was the end of me being
                the end of being alone
                        just today
                and today was such a beautiful
                day to
                day to do things like that
                and smell of popcorn is coming
                in from the kitchen
                i'm hungry for some suicide
                after thoughts
                of you

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