Canada Dreams
                  sunday morning afternoons

                naked and clothed and awake and sleeping
                midnight lingers at one p.m.
                      time drips by
                and dampens the skin
                      warmed by sunlight and blood

                a tangle of sheets and legs and bodies
                  held together by arms afraid of emptiness
                lay still lie quiet sleep lightly
                      {and the dream that was dreamt that night
                             continues to play}  while
                the morning scent of sleep
                slips through the fingers and is gone
                as a warm sigh exhaled
                      from far away and deep within
                disperses the afterthoughts of dawn
                      these sunday morning afternoons
                leave the day running out of breath
                              trying to catch up with time
                {which got lost during the night}
                      found stumbling neath the covers

                smooth air mingles with soft hair
                      and their conversation flows
                over nude necks and faces flushed with sweet sleep
                talking about nothing
                content with the meaninglessness of each
                others company while the dreamers dream on
                              and the sunday morning afternoon
                              stretches across the room

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