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  • Laundry Soap
  • Odours
  • Oven Cleaner
  • Plasticware
  • Polishes
  • Rug Cleaner
  • Scouring Powder
  • Shrunken Sweater
  • Spot Remover
  • Starch
  • Static
  • Toilet Bowl
  • WD-40
  • Window Cleaner
  • Cleaning Tips
    	  All-Purpose Cleaner
    		125 mL ammonia, 75mL washing soda, 4L warm water.
    		50 mL baking soda, 250 mL ammonia, 125 mL vinegar, 4L warm water
    	  Burned on Food
    		Fill saucepan with salt and water soak over night then bring to boil slowly.
    		Washing soda over area, add hot water bring to boil. Let cool wash.
    	  Citrus Rinds
    		Garbage Disposal
    			Clean with peels, or piece of lemon & 5 ice cubes
    		Cleaning Water
    			Dry or fresh peels in water. Helps clean & smells good.
    	  Dish Detergent
    		500 mL soap flakes, & water
    		Add 2 tbsp. vinegar to cheap dish detergent (cuts grease)
    			Boil 45 min. in milk
    			Soak in baking soda and water overnight, then rub with vinegar moistened cloth dipped in salt
    	  Drain Cleaner
    		250 mL baking soda, 250 ml salt, 125 mL vinegar, & 2 L boiling H2O
    		1C baking soda, 1Csalt, & 1/4C cream of tartar followed by boiling water
    		Coke or Pepsi
    	  Fabric Softeners
    		50 mL baking soda to the wash
    		50 mL vinegar to the rinse
    		Damp cloth in dryer before removing clothes
    		Cream rinse
    		Spray with starch let sit 30 min. wipe clean, to remove smoke stains.
    		Keep pipes clean by burning fresh potatoe peels
    		Clean soot from chimney with 1:1 mixture of zinc oxide & salt sprinkled on fire.
    		Clean glass with damp cloth dipped in ashes. Dry with newspaper
    	  Fish Tank
    		Clean fish tanks with baking soda & sea salt
    	   Greasy Shelves
    		Apply liquid car wax, wait 1 min. & buff.
    		Rub with rutabaga to stop smoking.
    		Ammonia  {NEVER MIX with Chlorine BLEACH; creates poison gas}
    			Cleans carpets, linoleum, copper, & enamel.
    		Baking Powder
    			4 tsp cream of tartar, 2 tsp bicarb of soda, & 1 tsp salt: 2 C flour
    		Baking Soda 
    			Cleans, deodorizes, scours, polishes, removes stains, & softens fabrics
    			Cleans plastic, upholstery, vinyl, carpeting, silver, stainless steel, refrigerators, & drains
    			Baking soda + grease = soap
    			1 part hydrogen peroxide, & 8 parts water
    			Deodorizes, removes stains, & boosts cleaning power of detergents
    			Cleans wallpaper, painted walls, & floors.
    			For just a few drops stab with a toothpick & squeeze.
    			Boil for 5 min. to get more juice. 15 sec. high microwave
    			Acidic cuts grease like vinegar. Vinegar & honey tastes like lemon.
    			Removes mildew, stains, & wax buildup.
    			Cleans coffeepots, glass, paintbrushes, grout, & fireplaces.
    		Washing Soda
    			MODERATELY TOXIC use in well ventilated room.
    			Cleans clothing & softens water.
    		Spray bottle with a little cologne & water. Eliminate wrinkles, dries fast, smells good.
    		Clean iron with vinegar. High for 1/2 hour.
    		Shiny trousers 1:4 vinegar & water, soak cloth cover shine iron gently
    		Pearls Soak in dishwashing liquid. Rinse buff. Polish wilh Olive oil.
    		Chalk in jewelry box prevents tarnish
    	   Laundry Soap
    		250 mL pure soap flakes, & 25-50 mL washing soda
    		Spin dry delicates in vegetable drier
    			Crust of bread in cooking water
    			Wash hands in soap and sugar.
    		Cutting Board
    			Rub with lemon
    			Wash in salty water, or little ammonia in hot soapy water, or add ground mustard to wash water.
    		Dog odour in carpet
    			Spray with vinegar.
    			Crumpled newspaper
    		Old Trunks
    			Moisten bread in vinegar leave overnight. Put lump of dry charcoal in container before resealing.
    		Onions on hands
    			Rub hands with stainless steel cutlery
    			Wash with cold water, rub hands with salt, then rinse.
    			Rub with celery salt, then wash
    			Rub with a raw unpeeled potatoe
    			Wash with milk, then with cold water
    			Skunk smell can be removed with Secret Deodorant roll on.
    	   Oven Cleaner
    		250 mL ammonia & 750 mL boiling water. Heat oven to 100 C. Place water on bottom shelf on tray & ammonia in dish/bowl on top shelf with door closed & heat off. Let sit over night, then wipe. VENTILATE ROOM
    		Immediately sprinkle spills with salt and cinnamon.
    		Soak 20 min. 1C bleach to 1 gallon warm water. Wash normally.
    		Sand with very fine silicon carbide sand paper.
    		Furniture Polish
    			25 mL olive oil, 15 mL vinegar, & 1 L warm water
    			15 mL lemon oil, & mineral oil
    			lemon juice, denatured alcohol, olive oil, & gum of turpentine.
    			15 mL camauba wax, & mineral oil. Stir over low heat in double boiler.
    			1/8C paraffin in double boiler, add 1L. mineral oil, & few drops lemon essence
    		Polishing Metals
    				Salt & flour, with little vinegar.
    				Equal parts ketchup & mayonnaise rub then wash
    				Save Ketchup packets for cleaning pots
    				Rubbing alcohol or ammonia in hot water.
    				Flour on dry cloth rub.
    				Lemon & salt, or hot vinegar & salt.
    				Tomatoe ends rub copper bottom sprinkled with salt
    				Vacuumatic 2000 Ltd.
    				1040 Martin Grove Rd. Units 6&7
    				Rexdale, Ontario
    				M9W 4W4
    			Silver Cleaner
    				1L warm water, 5 mL baking soda or wood ash, 5 mL salt, & small piece of aluminum foil.
    				Egg stains can be removed with wet salt
    				3 cups soapflakes, 3 cups hot water, 1/2 lb. fine whiting (calcium carbonate), 2 tablespoons ammonia
    				Paste of rottenstone, & olive oil for a dull shine.
    				Whiting & denatured alcohol for a bright shine.
    	   Rug Cleaner
    		2 parts cornmeal & 1 part borax. (leave on one hour)
    	   Scouring Powder
    		50 mL soap flakes, 10 mL borax, 375 mL boiling water, 50 mL whiting. (dissolve borax, &soap in water then add whiting after cool)
    		Half a lemon sprinkled with baking soda
    	   Shrunken Sweater
    		1T. shampoo + 1L. water. Soak 20 min. Stretch dry then wash.
    		Soak in salt and cold water for a couple of days, then add a quarter cup of vegetable oil to water and stretch to original shape. Dry and then rewash.
    	   Spot Remover (Always test)
    			Soak in cold water 30 min. rub with soap & rinse in cold water. If persistent few drops of ammonia, rub with soap & rinse. If necessary wash with borax.
    			Hydrogen peroxide
    			Corn starch, talcum powder, or corn meal mixed with water. Apply dry & brush.
    			Paste of MSG & water rub in soak 1 hour. Wash with liquid detergent
    			Windex soak 1 or 2 min.
    		Chewing Gum
    			Rub with ice flake off.
    			Can be removed with peanut butter.
    		Chocolate & Coffee
    			Soak in cold water, rub with soap & mild Borax solution, rinse. Wash in water hot as fabric will tolerate.
    			Egg yolk + lukewarm water, rub on stain. Wash
    		Crayola Marker
    			Lestoil let sit 5 min. rub gently & wash.
    			Presoak in Baking Soda.
    			Rub with glycerine, let stand 1 hour, wash.
    			Damp Cloth dipped in borax
    			Paste of cornstarch & water (let dry & brush)
    			Ammonia & water
    			Mechanic's hand cleaner
    			Lighter fluid
    			Wet with cold water, apply a paste of lemon juice & cream of tartar. (let sit for one hour, then wash)
    			Soak in milk or hydrogen peroxide.
    			Spray with hairspray then rub between fingers.
    			Rub with cold cream or shortening, rinse with washing soda & water. Wash in hotest water.
    			Wash with soap & water & dry in sun. If persistent apply lemon juice, rub with salt, dry in sun, wash.
    			If soap & water fail try rubbing with raw potatoe
    			Rub with solution of vinegar or lemon juice in water.
    		Red Wine & Fruit Juice
    			Club soda. Or for fruit & wine soak in water 30 min. rub in soap & wash in water as hot as fabric can take.
    			Sprinkle with salt stretch over bowl & pour boiling water.
    			Pour salt or hot water on & soak in milk.
    			Red wine, blot with white wine & warm, soapy water.
    			Juice on White silk. Soak in Ivory dishsoap 4 hours.
    		Ring around the collar
    			Rub with chalk let sit overnight. Wash.
    			Saturate in lemon juice or sour milk, rub with salt, dry in sun, wash.
    			In Sink rub with lighter fluid
    			Boil in 1cup soap & 2 litres of milk.
    		Synthetic fabrics
    			Polyester, rayon, & acrylics. Spray with Hairspray then wash.
    		Tea stains 
    			Steep linen in Borax & water
    			Stained cups, add few drops of lemon juice to pot.
    			Rub with baking soda in water, rinse warm water, then wash.
    			Stretch material over sink & pour boiling water through
    			Soak in cleaning solvent (ventilate room). Rinse & wash.
    			Towel over spot iron with hot iron to lift.
    		15 mL cornstarch & 250 mL water
    		Vinegar & water in Sprayer.
    		Inflated balloon will pick up lint & animal fur.
    	   Toilet Bowl
    		5 mL ammonia, 250 mL hydrogen peroxide, & 2 L water. (mix in bucket pour in &let sit 30 min.or longer then scrub)
    		Removes bottle lables, bumper stickers, decals.
    	   Window Cleaner
    		28.5 mL cornstarch, 250 mL ammonia, 250 mL vinegar, & 4.5 L water
    		Glycerine, & strained tea. Also repels flies.

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