Canada Dreams

               I was solicitor general when American Indian activist Leonard
          Peltier's extradition proceedings commenced in May, 1976. By that September, I was
          minister of Indian affairs. During that time, I was approached by certain
          Indian leaders from both Canada and the United States who requested that I
          intervene to stop the extradition. I made inquires with respect to this matter,
          but was told that it was before the courts and that justice would take its course.
          Unfortunately, something took its course, but it was not justice. It was only
          after the extradition and Peltier's return to the United States that we learned
          that the affidavit submitted to the Canadian court was false, that the evidence
          of witnesses was manufactured and that certain other evidence had been concealed.
          As a minister of the Crown at the time I consider myself and the Canadian
          government to have been misled by the authorities of the American government.
          This is not the treatment one expects between friendly sovereign nations.
          And as a result, I have been pursuing this matter for over 12 years.
              I am hopeful that the publicity surrounding Peltier, currently serving a life
          sentence, from the movie Incident at Oglala will lead to a new trial and a
          fair hearing.

          Warren Allmand,
          Liberal MP, Nôtre-Dame-de Grâce,

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