Canada Dreams

		Burn longer & cleaner if cold.
	  Car rust 
		Vaseline protects seams of car.
		Mix new engine oil 1:1 with varsol spray under car then drive down a dust road.
	  Fire logs (rolled up newspapers)
		2lb. coarse salt
		2lb. bluestone (copper sulphate)
		2 gallons boiling water
		1 oz of the following for desired colours:
			Potassium chloride (violet)
			Strontium nitrate (red)
			Potassium nitrate (yellow)
			Copper nitrate (emerald)
			Lithium chloride (purple)
			Barium nitrate (apple green)
			Borax (vivid green)
			Calcium chloride (orange)
			Copper sulfate (blue)
	  Frozen Locks
		Blow in them with a straw.
		Small magnets from Frig magnets fit over the slot.
		Egg whites
		Line wheel barrow with garbage bag for easy clean-up.
	  Noisy Floors
		Talcum powder, also good for squeaky boots.
	  Painting Tips
		Store wet brushes wrapped in plastic over night in freezer
		Soften old brushes in hot vinegar then wash in warm soapy water
		Add fabric softener to your rinse water
		Paint Smells
			Few slices of onion in a bucket of water
	  Pipes Soldering
		Bread in each end will absorb water.
		Plunge in bucket of sand mixed with oil to clean & oil.
		Scissors sharpen by cutting sandpaper.
	  Wallpaper Stripper
		Warm water & 2 squirts of dishwashing detergent in spray bottle.
                 Spray one foot at a time, let soak for 2 min. Scrape.

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