Canada Dreams

	  Daylight Saving Time
		Prolongs daylight by advancing clock for summer
		Begins 2am first Sunday April / Ends 2am last Sunday Oct.
		Magnetize lures to catch more fish

	  Wine & Cheese
		First service: Brick, Havarti, Provolone, Burrini, Caciocavallo, Scamorza, Cottage Cheese,
                       Butter, Caciotta, Swith/Emmental, Quark, Cream Cheese, Mild Cheddar, Colby.
                       With Alsace, Orvieto, Entre deux Mers, Sauvignon, Chablis, Moselle.
		Second service: Munster, Saint-Paulin, Elbo (Edam), Fontina, Gouda, Oka, Friulano,
                       Medium Cheddar, Brick, Havarti, Provolone, Burrini, Caciocavallo, ScamorzaButter,
                       Caciotta. With Beaujolais, Burgundy, Bordeaux, Macon, Minervois, Valpolicella,
                       Valdepanas, Marechal Foch.
		Third service: Farmer's, Camember, Brie, Monterey Jack, Old Cheddar, Limburger.
                       With Burgundy, Bordeaux, Medoc, Dao, Cotes du Rhone, Zinfandel, Rioja,
                       Chianti, Cabernet, Saint-Emilion.
	  Beer & Cheese
		First service: Light beer with Brick, Brie, Camembert, Havarti, Caciocavallo.
		Second service: Lager with Munster, Saint-Paulin, Oka, Friulano.
		Third: Ale with Swiss/Emmental, Gouda, Cheddar, Edam.
		Closing: Stout with Provolone, Old Cheddar, Monterey Jack, Limburger.
			Flavour reminiscent of cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg
			Licorice flavour good for digestion and mildly sedative.
                        Fresh leaves in fruit salads and salads. Ground seeds in bake goods,
                        saute seeds with scallops.
			Hardened sap of giant oriental fennel, garlicy odour.
			Good for digestion and mildly sedative member of mint family.
                        Enhances the flavour of tomatoes and meat. Can be stored in the freezer.
                        Pesto for pasta and new potatoes.
			Can be rubbed into rheumatic joints for relief and can be used as an insect repellent.
                        Great in stew. Use in all cooking including custards and rice pudding,
                        it has a cinnamon flavour.
			Substitute for tea and secret ingredient in Earl Grey tea.
                        Flowers can be added to salad for a minty flavour.Also good in mint
                        or pepper jellies, curries and salsas.
			Cucumber substitute. Can also be sauteed, or used in cold drinks.Use only fresh leaves.
                        Great in white sauces, and soups. Can be served as a cooked green.
			Aquavit liqueur.Fresh root can be boiled and buttered as a vegetable.
                        Leaves can be added to soups and stews.
			Member of ginger family with cinnamon like flavour.
			Provides relief from indigestion, high in vitamin C, niacin, potassium, and Iron.
			Cayenne with lemon honey and boiling water is very effective in sweating out a fever.
		Celery Seed
			Too much can give a bitter taste.
			Ground with salt it produces celery salt a fast way to enhance a dish
                        especially poultry.
			Flavour reminiscent of tarragon or parsley. Use fresh and add at the end of cooking
                        time to avoid bitterness.
			Add to salads and sauces. Can be substituted for onions.
			Cinnamon is always rolled while its inferior relative Cassia is chipped.Can be added to
                        meat dishes like lamb casseroles or chicken stewed with tomatoes and onions.
			Can be used for toothache relief. Can be used to season ham, curries, marinades and chutneys.
			Cilantro in Mexican cooking, and Italian parsley in other recipes. Does not freeze well.
                        The seeds and leaves are not interchangeable.
			Seeds of a member of the parsley family. White and brown seeds are similar, but
                        black are very much stronger. Used in Mexican and Indian dishes.
			Good with fish, soups and salads as well as many other dishes.
                        Leaves and seeds are not interchangeable.
			Licoricey flavour and substitute for anise. Can be used as an eye wash. Seeds are good in
                        pasta and pizza sauces. Leaves are good in salads, fish, and butter sauces.
			Used originally as an animal fodder. Medicinally in the treatment of diabetes
                        and to lower blood pressure. Used in Indian curries and halvah.
		Five Spice Powder
			Anise seed, star anise, cinnamon, cloves, and Szechuan peppercorns. Great in Asian dishes.
		Garam Masala
			Cinnamon, cumin, cloves, coriander, and black pepper. Add to dish just before serving.
			Parsley can soften the odour of garlic. If only the juice is used in cooking then
                        the odour does not last as long.
			Most of the flavour is just under the skin.
			Root of plant from the Mustard family.
			Substitute for Celery. Good as a diuretic and relieves headaches.
			Outer skin of nutmeg.
			Member of the mint family resembling oregano.
			Spearmint is more versatile in the kitchen.
		Mustard seed
			Black, brown, white, and yellow seeds. Black seeds are the most flavourful.
                        Fry seeds in hot oil to release flavour.
			Whole nutmeg is stronger, but needs a special nutmeg grinder. Enhances spinach, broccoli,
                        or cauliflower soups. Can be added to mushrooms sauteed with garlic and sherry.
			Olive oil has the lowest smoking temperature followed by peanut, sesame, safflower,
                        cottonseed, soybean, and corn. Sesame oil added to the finished dish can bring out flavour.
			Need to be sauteed or singed to release flavour.
			Can be frozen. Is the signature herb of Italian cooking as well as Greek and
                          Mexican cuisine. An essential herb in Italian, Mexican and Greek cuisine.
			Milder form of chili peppers.
			High in chlorophyll it makes a perfect breath freshener. High vitamin content.
			Black peppercorns are more intense.
		Peppers, Chili
			Intensify as they cook. Chili powder is not pure chilies.
			Avoid the ground form, it is less flavourful. Good with lamb and chicken
                          or sauteed mushrooms, fried potatoes, and poultry stuffing.
			Most expensive spice. Mexican saffron or Safflower colours but does not taste the same.
                          Creamy seafood recipes, paella, couscous, and white rice benefit from saffron.
			Alternate layers of washed leaves with salt and refrigerate in a jar. Rinse leaf then use.
                          Use in poultry and pork stuffings. can be used in stews and sparingly in salads.
			Pickling or Kosher salt is the purest form.
			Summer savory is milder than winter.Universal seasoning and can be used as a substitute
                          for oregano and basil.
		Star anise
			Can not be substituted with anise. Member of Magnolia family.
			One of the main ingredients in Worcestershire sauce.
                          Substitute two parts lemon juice for one part tamarind.
			Store in vinegar in tight jar. Use in small quantities toward the end of the
                          cooking process. Good with fish.
			Combines well. Classic addition to poultry stuffing and bouquets garnish for soups
                          and stews and a companion herb for basil and oregano.
			Member of the ginger family. Essential ingredient in mustard pickles, relishes and
                          Indian curry powders and pastes.
	  Bean Cooking times
		Adzuki Beans
			4 hrs. soaking time  1 hr. simmer time
		Black Beans (Turtle Beans)
			4 hrs. soaking time  2 hrs. simmer time
		Black-Eyed Peas
			1 1/2 hr. simmer time
		Cannellini Beans (White Kidney Beans)
			4 hrs. soaking time  1 1/2 hrs. simmer time
		Chili Beans (Pink Beans)
			4 hrs. soaking time  1 hr. simmer time
		Fava Beans (Broad Beans)
			12 hrs. soaking time  3 hrs. simmer time
		Garbanzo Beans (Chickpeas)
			4 hrs. soaking time  2 1/2 hrs. simmer time
		Great Northern Beans
			4 hrs. soaking time  1 hr. simmer time
		Kidney Beans
			4 hrs. soaking time  2 hrs. simmer time
			1/2 hr. simmer time
		Mung Beans
			4 hrs. soaking time  1 hr. simmer time
		Navy Beans
			4 hrs. soaking time  2 hrs. simmer time
		Pinto Beans
			4 hrs. soaking time  1 1/2 hrs. simmer time
			12 hrs. soaking time  3 hrs. simmer time
		Split Peas
			1/2 hr. simmer time
		Baking Chocolate
			1 oz. or 1 square : 3 Tbsp. cocoa & 1 Tbsp. butter or 3 Tbsp. carob & 2 Tbsp. water.
		Baking Powder (Single-acting)
			1 tsp. : 1/3 tsp. baking soda & 1/2 tsp. cream of tartar or 1/4 tsp. baking soda
                         & 1/2 cup buttermilk/yogurt
		Baking Powder (Double-acting)
			1 tsp. : 1 1/2 tsp. phosphate/tartrate
			1 cup : 1 cup margarine or 3/4 cup chicken fat (clarified) or 7/8 cup vegetable oil
		Corn Syrup
			1 cup : 1 cup sugar & 1 cup liquid
		Cream, Sour
			1 cup : 3 Tbsp. butter & 7/8 cup sour milk or 1 cup plain yogurt
		Cream, Whipping
			3/4 cup milk & 1/3 cup butter
			1 cup : 1 1/4 cups sugar & 1/4 liquid
		Lemon Juice
			1 tsp. : 1/2 tsp. vinegar
		Sugar, Brown
			1 cup : 1/2 cup sugar & 2 Tbsp. molasses
		Sugar, Granulated
			1 cup : 2 cups powdered sugar or 1 cup packed brown sugar
                       or 3/4 cup honey(reduce liquid 1/4 cup) or 1 1/4 cup molasses(reduce liquid 1/4 cup)
			1 pkg. active dry yeast : 1 cake compressed
			1 cup : 1 cup buttermilk

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