Canada Dreams

			Lemon wedge in water for extra life
			Penny in water for extra life
			Cut Lilacs do better if you hammer the ends of the stems.
			Lilacs last two weeks in Sprite (POP)!!!
		Give water from boiled eggs.
		Broken stalk repair with piece of onion skin
		1 1/2 teaspoons diluted nicotine sulphate to 1 gallon water sprayed on
                                      vegetation to repel animals. 
Bird Feeders Vaseline on string of Hummingbird feeder repels ants. Vaseline on pole of bird feeder will repel squirrels. Garbage Cans Moth balls in bottom to repel insects & animals Spray with ammonia to repel animals Insects General Insecticides 1/4C dried basil to 3 L. water insecticide Cedar oil: fleas & other insects Nicotine, 3 drops dish soap, 3 drops ammonia: Bug laxative Salt & Red pepper: barrier to ants Toilet bowl deodorizer: ground up & sprinkled on soil kills bugs  as they come to the surface. Weak tea, 3 drops ammonia, 3 drops dish soap, 3 drops listerine: washes & humidifies plants (put in sprayer) Insect Purée Soapy water with/without nicotine, red pepper & garlic Garlic & Chives border Rhubarb leave tea Oxalic acid Newsprint under shelf liners repels all insects. Neem (Outdoor only) Margosan-O kills 80 different insects Garlic & Onion top purée 10-15 Garlic cloves in pint of mineral oil for 24 hours or more. Add 2 teaspoons to insecticidal soap mix Commercial Insecticidal Soap Fatty acids do the job. 1/2 cup Isopropyl alcohol to a quart of Insecticidal soap mix penetrates insect's protective coat. Indoor Insects Ants Epsom salts in corners of room. Dried Cucumber or Lemon Peel repels ants Cockroaches 100g. boric acid & 50g. white sugar. Sprinkle behind stove. Comet powder. Sprinkle bay leaves or cucumber rinds. Earwigs Crushed bay leaves in cracks Epsom salts in cracks Epsom salts on sills of windows & doors Fleas Methoprene: halts flea growth at the larvae stage. Brewers yeast in food Talcum powder in corners where fleas travel. Rub fur with citrus oil or lemon juice Bathe in dandruff shampoo Piece of flea collar in vacuum bag Flies Vinegar wipe: flies on counters Hang cloves or scratched citrus rind. Fruit Flies Trap with beer in jar covered by paper with small hole Moths Cedar chips or lavender Freeze clothing Sachets of Rosemary or Bay leaves Outdoor Insects Aphids Use aluminum foil around base of plant to confuse them Colorado potato Sprinkle plants with bran early in morning. beetles eat drink dew and burst Cutworms Cutworms can't digest cornmeal. Cabbage Worm 1 part salt: 2 parts flour dust for cabbage worm Earwigs Cooking oil in margarine containers act as a trap. Lice Put kids clothes in dryer when they come home. Destroy lint. Teatree oil in shampoo to prevent Mosquito 1/4 C Yogurt in swamps every few weeks. Start early Spring. Vinegar, mint oil or citronella on skin & clothes. Reapply. Eat lots of Garlic & citrus fruit. A strong solution of chamomile tea can be used to repel mosquitoes. Caffeine Mosquito larvae can't swim. Tobacco budworm looses appetite, develops tremors and dies. Diatomaceous Earth Barrier Use in dry weather for the larvae of aphids, cabbage loopers, codling moths, Colorado potato beetles, cucumber beetles, cutworms, fruit maggots, Mexican bean beetles, root maggots, slugs, snails, thirps, & tomato hornworm. Horticultural Oil Sprays Dormant oil can clog pores of leaves and buds Lighter oils can be used on smooth foliage @ 2-3% Volik oil 1/2 teaspoon to 1 cup of alcohol in quart of water Beneficial Insects Assassin Bug Like alfalfa, camphorweed, carrots, goldenrod, Mexican tea, & oleander Bigeyed Bug Like carrot family, goldenrod, Mexican tea, & oleandre. Damselfly Like alfalfa, & wildflowers European Earwig Eat aphids Firefly Ground Beetle Like camphorweed, evening primrose, pigweed, & long grasses Lacewings Like carrots, oleander, & wild lettuce Lady Bugs Like alfalfa, angelica, coffeeberry, evergreen, euonymous, goldenrod, Mexican tea, morning-glory, oleandre, & yarrow. Parasitic Wasps Like carrots, daisy family, buckwheat, buttercup, goldenrod, oleandre, strawberries, & white clover. Braconid, Chalcid, Ichneumonid, and Trichogramma Wasp Praying Mantis Predatory Mite Robber Fly Rove Beetle Soldier Beetle Like wild lettuce, milkweed, hydrangea, & goldenrod. Spiders Like camphorweed, goldenrod, & asters. Syrphid Flies & Hover flies Like members of the daisy family, buckwheat, coreopsis, baby blue eyes, candytuft, morning-glory, & oleander Tachinid Fly Tiger Beetle Mice Steel wool in cracks. Oil or gum of Camphor in holes & outside building. Porcupines Hate to be chased and poked. They spread the NEWS & will all stay away

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