Canada Dreams

                My lifeís a boxing ring
                I'm lying in the middle of it,
                Bloodied and battered.
                The world stands over me,
                Intimidation in its eyes
                A smile on its face
                It's fists quenched,
                Ready to finish me off

                Heart beating fast,
                I got to get up

                Why should I ??
                Only to get knocked down again ??
                Forget it

                I stay down,
                Bathing in my blood
                Kissing defeat.

                Too much pain
                Can't control myself.
                For every person who lied to me
                Every person who betrayed
                Left me hanging,
                I dedicate this defeat to them

                I give up,
                I lose.
                Looking up at the world
                Black eyed and bruised
                I utter to myself,
                I lose

                The ref counting to ten,
                I canít wait until itís over.

                I hear them cheering,
                The liars, back stabbers and snakes
                They want me to lose.
                Struggling to breathe as I bleed,
                I feel like I'm locked in chains

                Getting up,
                I won't give up
                Won't let them destroy me
                Won't let the world beat me

                No matter how hard I fall,
                I come back stronger.
                I'm getting up

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