Canada Dreams
                  No Comong Back

                Punching walls
                My lungs bursting,
                Screaming too loud.
                Too frustrated to think
                I break everything in sight.

                Nothing going my way,
                Donít want to live another day.
                Want to just sleep
                Drift away and dream,
                Never wanting to wake up.

                But I do.
                Todayís better
                Then again
                After yesterday,
                It canít get any worse.

                The days get better,
                I start to smile.
                The other day becomes a blur,
                I forget anything ever occurred.
                Iím a changed being.

                Never would have felt this way
                If I gave up that night.
                All I did was cry,
                All I wanted was to die.
                Now all I do is enjoy being alive.

                Now I know.
                When I hit rock bottom
                Hit bare concrete
                Canít get any lower,
                Thereís only one way left to go

                High above the skies,
                I know now.
                Time heals everything.
                Pain, struggle, depression and stress.
                I can come back from anything

                Except death,
                Thereís no coming back from that.
                The final period to a life sentence.
                As long as Iím alive,
                Things will surely get better.

                Believe, Iíve been there.
                Lost in darkness, I soon found light.
                You can come back from anything,
                Except death.
                Thereís no coming back from that.
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