Canada Dreams
                  Somehow, Someway

                     Searching for success,
                     I see it
                     Found it.

                     It doesnít come to all,
                     Very seldom do people get in.
                     Itís door is like a tiny hole,
                     Almost impossible to get inside.

                     I got to get in.

                     Held my partner by the hand,
                     She helped me get this far.
                     Gave me courage,
                     And a will to move forward.

                     She took me out the dark,
                     Brought sunshine in my day.
                     I canít live without her.

                     As I approach the tiny hole,
                     I realise we both canít go in.
                     To reach success,
                     I must do it alone.

                     Never in the world
                     Would I stunt my growth
                     Hold myself back,
                     Just for a girl

                     But she,
                     She gave me so much.
                     I canít leave her behind.
                     Canít share the spotlight
                     Canít see her suffer
                     Cry and feel lonely.
                     I canít do it.

                     As success fades from my sight,
                     I canít let it go.
                     Worked too hard,
                     Gave up too much.
                     To stand here and watch it pass,
                     I canít let that happen.

                     A great predicament,
                     What will I do??
                     This has to work.

                     Success without my sweetheart,
                     This would be failure.

                     So what now??
                     I want her to stay.
                     This has to work.
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