Canada Dreams

                Waiting for summer.
                Beautiful summer. Lawn mowers
                Beaches and baseball; bikinis
                Uncover all - she's a comer.
                Sky blue pink evenings bugle mornings
                Each day advances to the sound of a different drummer.
                The advances of a lover.
                Pulse pounding, rythm
                Building, then
                One fading note, she leaves.
                Leaves of all colours, the sunset summer fears.
                Leaves cascading, an autumn-fall of tears.
                Laying down a carpet, that rolls you up, and away.
                And you leave me.
                As the summer leaves the year.
                Winter is here.
                And while winter plays
                In short, dark days,
                Tomorrow never varies.
                And yesterday has never been,
                Just snow and ice and cold, cold wind,
                And death
                The song it carries.
                We two, alone,
                It has been shown,
                Are less than us together.
                For me the flame still burns as bright.
                But though the sun retains its light,
                Your warmth is gone forever.
                And I'm
                Waiting for summer.

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