Canada Dreams

                Like a field ploughed under you return
                In a jacket you borrowed that matches your hair
                And still your reckless smile disarms and bothers
                Everyone who told you to belong.
                Endure each cross-examination patient
                To show your palms a scar and stop
                Fingertip whirls to rest on your lips
                With hush a breeze but then the stir.
                A violent crack awakes the senses
                Count backwards ten for obedience poise
                Will leave the safe house of the familiar
                At disembarkment exhilaration and some fear
                For those of you who lost and abandoned.
                Pull clothes to the skin observe
                The lines around some sleek defenses
                Of adventure and ropes untwined we're clear
                By two tomorrow your unquenched favour
                Shall nudge your back to forward motion.

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