Les Rêves Canadiens


His messenger's
Harangues and words of arrogance
Fed the land-lust fires within our viens.
Inflamed, we sacrificed our sons to him:
Who eats our children live,
      Among the white-hot coals of war.
Reason and manipulated pride
      Allowed no way out-
Except through smoking, orange-flamed geysers;
      No quarter except through cataracts
Of enemy blood.
      Someday reckoning for martyred innocents
Will strike like vipers
      As we kiss the mezuzah.
That day will dawn blacker than oil-fire
Then  our folly will stare us eye to eye
      And shame may be our funeral shrouds-
Unless we turn;
Unless God's mercy blankets us.
      Then Justice will sear Molech to carbon;
Truth will burn his lies to ash;
      And ever-flowing streams of Love
Shall wash the earth.

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