Rêves Canadiens

                     DEAR DEAD,

                The bright blue bathroom
                Lets all light in
                Except to the floor,
                That is dusty, dirty and dark.

                That is the room that you broke into,
                Then threatened my anguished screams.

                I tried to resist your callous hands;
                They still robbed every sliver of strength.

                Cries echoed in
                the cluttered house,
                But no one heard.

                My screams were only felt
                by the fish
                That shook downstairs in
                an aquarium.

                You taught me how to
                Hate your twisted smile
                And all that is you
                And all that I could not do.

                God is my Father now,
                You are just a traveling clown,
                Decayed with age.
                I cannot trust your lonely side.

                I want to love
                But not forget.
                I want to grow
                And not destroy.

                I need to reveal you to the family,
                Without breaking the bonds of blood,
                That blindly nourish all members
                With soft sacred hands.

                Father has sprinkled me with soothing Light
                To shine over the shadow of the floor,
                And discard the dirtiness of it all.

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