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Chris Shreenan-Dyck is known and respected for his work as both a poet and musician. The former lead vocalist and songwriter of Canada's September Child recently released an explorative collection of poetry on CD ROM format. This collection was included on his solo album, CRAZY ANNIE, which debuts a selection of songs that Imprint Magazine says, "One listen and this excellent release gets under your skin... mixes catchy hooks and superb poetry". In addition to an earlier series of poems, Chris has published his works under his company Knot Records & Publishing. His poems tend to be short, direct and darkly philosophical. A nomadic lifestyle characterized Chris's early years, moving between many different Canadian cities throughout his childhood. While in Edmonton he joined the city fencing club, leading him within three years to two Canadian Fencing Championships. He competed in several World Cups, and moved to Italy to train under a world renowned fencing master. While living in Rome, Chris bought his first guitar and began writing music. It was on a trip to London that he drew the inspiration for his first book of poems and aphorisms, and discovered the love of writing poetry. Upon his return to North America, Chris dedicated himself to writing and music, forming September Child where he meshed abstract poetry with dark soundscapes. This led to greater experimentation with a solo project, producing the album CRAZY ANNIE.

In 1997, Chris moved to New York City to introduce his material to a new audience. While performing his music acoustically he often uses the shows as a forum to read his poetry between songs.

He is currently in the process of finishing his first novel and recording a new album. His latest book of poetry is scheduled for release this fall.

   a stand of trees in march         stand off          uterine sarcoma 

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