Canada Dreams
One Eye on the Future stared at me for three years before finally completing it this Spring. As I approach my fiftieth year I am thinking more and more about the future my chidren will inherit. I have always been optimistic which means that under the surface I am in truth a skeptic. I hope I am preparing my child in the right way for the unknowns of the future. I pray that I will be able to contribute something positive before I go.
I sprinkled special rock crystals onto the pastel before spraying with fixitive. These crystals were given to me by a geomancer friend. They act as a ion generator for your room.
The pastel is approximately 18"X23". Completed March 1996. $800.00 Can. Unframed.

Entrance to John's works, The Bull Dream, Primitive Truth, The Messengers, Inner Realm, The Ancestors, and Current

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