Rêves Canadiens

            faded away
            elizabeth coulton

            you walked out of my life,
            one cloudy day,
            said there was no future,
            said you couldn't stay.
            i loved you so much
            but you didn't feel the same.
            you said you cared,
            but left when you came.

            we were once so happy
            once together
            once all alone,
            once said forever.
            maybe one day,
            when you've forgotten
            you'll com back to stay.

            wipe away my tears,
            tell me you love me,
            tell me your fears.
            kiss me and hold me,
            all through the night.
            let me make everything right.

            the stars seem dull,
            the clouds so low.
            life so shattered,
            don't leave me a flow.
            love me still.
            take me back.
            i need your love
            to fill this lack.

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