Rêves Canadiens


        your eyes so bright,
        clean and clear,
        smile so precious,
        sweet and sincere.
        take my life,
        don't let it pass away.
        kiss me and love me,
        let today be the day.

        you loved me once
        do it again.
        hold me and comfort me,
        only as a friend.
        wipe away my tears,
        tell me you love me,
        make everything clear.

        the days of smiles
        hugs and kisses.
        are just memories.
        just give me the time, just listen.
        our walks in the park,
        way after dar,
        your arms around me,
        just like it should be.
        the feel of your touch
        it was just to much.
        i thought i needed space,
        so now i don't see your face.

        you're with my ex-best friend,
        so happy.
        like we could have been.
        taken from me,
        one stormy day,
        so now as i lay,
        in my bed at night,
        i wish i could make everything right.

        my first true love you were,
        but now we're at war.
        i'm struggling to win.
        i can't stand it now that we're apart.
        just take the time,
        so maybe you could be mine.

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