Canada Dreams
                When Egyptians go bowling
                They make a lot of noise
                It's just a pyramid of racket
                Made by the girls and boys.
                They eat a lot of cookies
                And Fig Newtons for delight
                And then they bowl and bowl and bowl
                All day and half the night.
                The pins they go scattering
                To the left and right
                The Ball Boys take to quivering
                They give them such a fright
                Brave men and loopy legends
                Hide their heads well out of sight
                Oh No!! Oh No!! Egyptians!!
                Are bowling here tonight!

                And when they're done
                And the place is wrecked
                And they tally up the score
                It could be 2,000,007
                Or it could be 34.
                And they often bring their mummy
                To see what they have done
                And their Mummy looks at all the ruin
                And says, "They were only having fun."
                It could be in a place like Madoc
                Or downtown Actinolite
                No matter either here or there
                It's the same cry of utter fright
                Oh No!! Oh No!! Egyptians!!
                Are bowling here tonight!   
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