Canada Dreams
Thomas HARRY Wood died by his own hand near the home he loved and far from the people who loved him. He died by his own hand or rather was executed by General Motors who supplied the Carbon Monoxide. Harry cared too much for the world. Everywhere he looked he saw the truth. Life can be such a sad joke. After looking at the world through the bottom of a bottle the prism can seem so flat and uninspired. That is the danger of alcoholism everything becomes linear. It becomes a straight line to the next reason to drink. It is outside the skein where the answer lies. The dew drops on the warp and weave of our lives together hold the answer. The bottle deprived Harry of that answer. And we have been robbed too. A man who loved animals and children and remembered the name and story of everyone he met. He held them in the nest of his heart. Here are the too few words he left to show us the world he cried for.

And you were Fifty Three         Have a Lovely Halloween          Egyptians   

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