Les Rêves Canadiens


            He'd step down from that big red truck
            Adjust his belt again
            Light his ever present cigar
            And pat his thinning hair in place.

            His blue eyes would twinkle, filled with mirth
            His wit compared to none
            His left ear would twitch, tears would fall
            As we joined in on his fun.

            Big Ging he'd call and I would respond
            And problems we'd share together
            Our ups and downs, good or bad
            Our thoughts were for each other.

            He always went on time
            A routine never broken
            Above reproach, a man so fine
            No bitter words are spoken.

            He's left a million memories
            To those along the miles
            His thoughtfulness, his quiet ways
            it always brings a smile.

            A joke he'd told, a deed he'd done
            A dedicated father
            A friend to anyone in need
            My husband and my lover.

            God knew he was getting tired
            As along life's way he trod
            So he called him up to heaven
            To a resting place with god.

            I am so very lucky
            To have shared his special love
            I'll always feel him near me
            Even though he has gone.

            Like a cloak his love surrounds me
            Teaching me to trust again
            Howard you'll never be forgotten
            And some day well be together again, to stay.
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