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29 Lives

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I never thought of myself as a story-teller. I was just reporting bizarre events that happened around me. I would usually start with, "You won't believe this." The events were truly strange and sometimes other worldly. Other people had one or two weird things to speak about, but I had dozens. My stories happened when I was young and as a young adult in Vancouver and Toronto. The anomaly followed me as I travelled, as I worked, and finally as I settled in Madoc Township to build my home and raise my family. The stories are populated with people waiting for spaceships, those living on the fringe of the law, and those with amazing gifts of insight.
I have written 29 stories or "29 Lives" and decided to test the waters by releasing electronically. I know this will be a problem for those who love settling back with a sheaf of paper to bring on the night. These PDF's are readable on tablets and even smart phones and laptops. Only one story is longer than two or three pages, so you can print a story off if you want to take one to bed. If sales are strong enough I will see about printing and also release the sequel. The partially completed sequel will answer why this quantity of events happened to me. If you are curious fund my book and I will have an answer for you.
There is a larger project involved here. I have a body of Art and have shown around Canada and the States. Even though my pieces hang in Europe, Canada and the States, not in sufficient quantity to warrant a larger studio and the financing to spend the time to submerge in the process of making Art with oils and pastels. I need a few months to recover my old skills so that the art can start. I am not an artist who continually sketches and doodles, I make my art by completely submerging myself in the experience. I sometimes don't leave the studio for days as I become the picture. This complete indulgence requires funding.

This project is an attempt to make the financing from an Art to fund an Art. Since I am now passed sixty years of age time is precious. In native culture the old sing their death song, this may be the last series I have a chance to make. I can joke about death because I have been granted an extraordinary life. Help me build my Death Song to Resurrect my Art by buying my book.

29 Lives a PDF e-book for your tablet or smart phone for $12.50!

You can click on the title to download whether you pay or not
But Please Buy!

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29 Shaggy Dog Forgive Them
Good Day Acme Zippers Heron Dance
Boys Will Be Boys I Would Do Anything No Kidding
Baby Blue Know Ewe I Like Animals
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Forest in the Trees Home Run Sons and Fathers
Travels with Felix and Oskar Frog In The Throat Idiot Savant
Working Men The Long Walk Around We Are One
The Air in South Dakota Good People All Stories can be downloaded freely to sample
but please pay if you can.
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