Canada Dreams
       -Yin -receding -background
        Third Eye, Ajna Chakra, Medulla Oblongata, intuition.
        I intuit. Service.
        Ruled by Venus.  LA sixth musical note. Key of A. Inner sound of OM.
        Ultramarine blue with a touch of alizarin crimson & white.
        Healing Ray
                Cooling, contracting, pineal gland, parathyroid stimulant,
                thyroid depressant, violent mental disease, neurosis,
                rheumatism, concussion, tumours, cerebro-spinal meningitis,
                kidney, bladder & respiratory depressor. Anaesthetic, electric,
                purifies blood, depresses milk production,
                problems of the ears, nose, eyes , deafness, cataracts, & pneumonia.
                Controls endocrine system.
                Can rid one of obsessiveness
                Phagocytes in the spleen destroy micro-organisms. 
                Reseals the aura.
                Aids in blood clotting.
                        Can promote intolerance & separativeness
        Dark Blue/ Indigo
                Womb-tomb, witch, grieving mother, indigo precedes second-birth.

Other colours Autre couleurs

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