Rêves Canadiens

               Girl for Sale

            Everything about her says it

            beckons a response


            the "girl for sale" sign

            sitting invisibly on her chest.

            She's all dressed

            but she wears her clothes like price tags


            the thing she sells.

            Manicured carelessness

            and apathetic eyes

            Do not be deceived

            She believes

            in the scripts

            hair nails eyes lips

            it's in her legs

            it's in her hips

            the way

            she sways


            wrapped in her body

            more bone than meat

            her skin wrapped 'round her

            like a white linen sheet

            revealing her heart

            as it jumps in her chest

            and beats at the back

            of her womangirl breast.

            Where are the males

            The girl is for sale

            Who's buying?

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