Les Rêves Canadiens

A Moment with Nature
         Grey wind squeezes warmth from my body, I stand
         Watch and wait for the moment when the sun
         Will find it's doorway and send shimmering light down
         Upon sorry dead grass, bringing it to life
         And for a fleeting moment, it is spring.

         A dull greyness hovers overhead as patiently I gaze
         I grow cold, strart to shiver, my back it turns away
         Away from wicked wind, chilled by a Northern flow
         There! I see it, the vacant space approaches
         Its cerulean blue promise of  her light I wait for.

         All is dark as the wind guides the window to the sun
         And in one split second the entire landscape before me
         Is lit up, the hidden colours strike as promised
         In a spectacular second of virgin light I glimpse my art
         And bury it deep within my soul.

         I punch at the sky, its greyness, happy now and warm
         The light has gone-forever, but it lives on, for I
         Have seen natures promise of our spring
         And soon from my heart I will paint her light of life.

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