Les Rêves Canadiens

        Details. Message. Harmony

        Learn From The Rain 
            Dedicated to Jennifer

        Itís not easy
        Sheís limping at a young age
        Wearing a small backpack
        That contains many stones.

        Itís not simple
        Her balance is strained
        Her perceptions have no base,
        Her steps are few.

        Itís not fair
        She begins at the bottom of the page.
        Life is an arrangement of limitations.
        Her brother is a decaying issue.

        Itís how it is
        She must proceed with a purpose.
        She needs to learn from the rain,
        It is persistent and it has value.
        Continue, the sunlight will arrive.

        Message: Life can be difficult especially when we donít get an equal start.
        Our purpose in these situations is to use what we have, learn so that we can
        grow from them and more importantly move forward.

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