Les Rêves Canadiens

                  Now There Is Two

        In the mist of lazy weeds
        We sprouted
        And dreamed for a better area
        For an improved place for our parents
        To stay.
        From the beginning, many years ago
        We talked,
        Ventured inside each others dreams
        Wanting all of us to succeed.
        There were no doubts, no contradictions.
        Reality was bendable, was shapeable
        We wanted to succeed, we knew of nothing else.
        We stood balanced like a four legged chair
        That was missing its fourth leg,
        We were balanced because the oldest one
        Moved from his position and held up the centre.
        We were not missing a leg.
        We were complete.

        Years later,
        The story unravelled because the plot changed
        New responsibilities grew and took shape.
        Their community, as how they saw it
        Became his community.
        His eyes adapted
        He saw short term goals.
        It was like he was walking backwards
        Like watching an rewinding movie
        And then someone pressed stop.
        He, the character, was back where we started.
        Back in the weed pit, the difference was
        He was becoming a weed
        And we lost our balance.

Message: Our surroundings, as in where we dwell, must not be a factor for
failure. We must be motivated to move and build for ourselves and our
friends. The source of this motivation must strengthen us to continue even
when times are difficult. Surround yourself with people that want to strive
and succeed. Encourage these friends to succeed always. And don't let
current reality cause doubts, reality is bendable. It is shapeable.

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