Les Rêves Canadiens

        Details. Message. Harmony

        Three Beans For Fantasy Dreams 

        This warm weather calms me
        It quiets my mind to remember
             Spring memories,
        Memories that are warm like an insulated jacket.

        I unzip the lining of these memories
        And stare at childhood games, activities,
        Gym classes, school recesses.

        I remember abundant talks
        With a dull lighted friend,
        Whom I respected.
        He had a passionate start,
        He trailed and then lost pace.
        He was as common as a tin can.
        He traded his strength for three beans
        And traded those beans for fantasy dreams.

        Message: Donít trade what is substantial for what is fantasy. After you make
        a start, donít lose the passion you had in the beginning. Life is about

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