Les Rêves Canadiens

                  A Friend Who Wore A Bra

            We talked when
            She saw me in school.
            I widened my patience,
            Attempting to get to know her.
            I kept my mouth shut
            When she annoyed me,
            Attempting to get to know her.
            This pattern occurred on a monthly basis
            Until I knew her. It totalled two years.
            Our time together lasted this long
            Due to the fact that she held my interest.
            She held my eyes with her movements,
            Held my ears with the words she spoke.
            She knowingly held my attention.
            She was my curiosity.
            She was fluent with nurturing ways,
            She fed me when the need arose.
            This allowed me to extend my stay
            So that I could receive that extra care,
            I appreciated her nurturing side.
            I watched her grow up.
            She graduated from a girl to a woman.
            She maintained her style of affection
            But it was as a gesture of friendship.
            I drank the milk of her friendship,
            I had nothing more,
            I didn't need anything more.
            Until her heart strayed to another,
            He applied for a higher position,
            For a more challenging task.
            He required more of her attention,
            More of her sun shining affection.
            Some said, we were an ideal match.
            Others echoed, she was close to his heart.
            I said, those who were outside could not be inside too.
            We were friends inside the depths of friendship.
            Our affection was limited.
            Our emotions had a freezing point,
            It froze at ‘we're only friends.'

Message: Many of my closest friends from high school were males but this one
girl tried and proved to me that a girl could be as trustworthy as a male.
I'm glad that I was patient enough to get to know her and that I was able to
call her a true friend.

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