Les Rêves Canadiens

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        Responsibilities Can Be Stressful 

        He's talking on the phone
        About his problems.
        Monthly bills,
        Needing to return to school
        Upgrading his skills
        Having college dreams,
        But adulthood is stressful.
        There's much responsibility,
        And there's an undetermined future.
        Whose? His.
        I've been there too.
        I've walked that path years ago.
        My rescue came when I listed my problems
        And then conquered them.
        Now, I have new problems
        But on a higher level.
        As for him
        It'll take some time,
        My friend, endure till the end.

        Message: Being responsible requires taking care of your responsibilities.
        Responsibilities increase as your actions increase. People must maintain
        their actions while knowing that their actions are made to make a better
        future for themselves. He has to ignore the stressful feeling and get his
        problems solved.

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