Les Rêves Canadiens

                  A Voice For The Unborn and the Single Mother
By Oneal Walters and Raj-Beer

        I'm blind in the nest of my mother's womb
        Wanting to see a world that awaits me,
        Needing to have a responsible mother
        That wants me.
        I'm deaf to nothing but love.
        Everyday I feel my mother's hand
        Gently rubbing my unformed body.
        She has proven by her cherishment
        That she wants me.
        Weeks ago,
        I was conceived through passion,
        Made in unity
        By two curious lovers.
        Now, he's gone.
        He left when I was identified,
        When he knew, he was a father.
        I'm fatherless, alone and unborn.

        Pregnant, all alone and depressed
        How can I, a little girl, show my child affection
        When all I receive is hate, anger and lack of love.
        What should I do
        Bear the fruit of my ways
        Or listen to society and abort my baby?
        I came to a conclusion
        I'm a filthy murderer.
        No better than those that commit murder.
        Or was the boy who left me loveless
        The cold-hearted killer.
        Who is the one to blame?
        If only I could rewind time
        And give up the 10 minutes of pleasure
        Because I can't bear this feeling of emptiness.
        I will never forgive myself
        For taking part in the murder
        Of my unborn child

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