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In message 1 on Fri Oct 27 20:41:48 EDT 1995, John Paul Copeland (cope@connect.reach.net) from c8.reach.net said:

At this time in history my artistic process is put in second place. I keep thinking about my Québec friends. The people I have met over the years while hitch hiking or driving truck. I really think that the only problem is the politicians. They were and continue to be the people who divide.
I remember my father telling me about how bad it was in Québec. When there were no real slums in Toronto there were huge slums in Montréal. Québec was a place to go to have fun. Dad said there were clubs in Québec that had wooden sandwiches on the table so that you could drink without having to eat the required Sunday meal. Qu&bec was like northern Mexico is to the U.S., a place to break the law legally.
Before I realized I might lose a good friend I was planning to work on the dream I had after the sweat lodge ceremony. I had planned to talk about what stops me from making art. Now I'm plain sad. How did things get to this state?
Perhaps the two points can run together. I am so busy with life that I have no time to make art and I have no time to vacation in Québec or any other place. The answer is sacrifice. There comes a time when you need to say to hell with this important project I am going to the studio to make some art. Maybe I need to say the same about Québec. Maybe its time for a vacation in Québec

In message 2 on Wed Nov 1 21:51:58 EST 1995, John Paul (cope@connect.reach.net) from c13.reach.net said:

Canada has gained a reprieve. Now we are back to the same old question. What do these people want? We have given them everything.
This sounds like the same old question in the battle of the sexes. What do these women want? I have found in this equation that what the women were asking for was an open responsive heart.
If you look at the colours of the Québe&cois you will see the blue (maternal) and the white(spiritual). In the Canadian flag you see the red(materialistic) and white spiritiual. I remember the flag debate in the sixties. The most popular choice was the red, white, and blue flag. Two blue bars where the red bars are now signifying from sea to sea. Canada's official colours were red and white. I think Trudeau was in power and he decided to not have a referendum. We went with the Liberal colours. I remember the feeling more than anything. It was an expediant decision. The feeling was like lets get back to business here is the flag. I am not saying that the choice of the flag was the problem. I am saying that the feeling was wrong. It was maniplitive rather than with feeling and heart. In the same way we came to the decision that these (complaining French people) needed bilingualism. I don't have the answers, but I do think that the answers lie m with the heart than mechanical contrivences like bilingualism for example. Maybe they need to see more heart felt decisions on our part or we will be left with the neverendum.;^)

In message 3 on Thu Nov 23 09:27:04 EST 1995, () from c10.reach.net said:

The snow is coming down again. I think the snow is here to stay. Its a good day to make art. The hardest part is the leaving of the house. My modem has been in the shop for repairs for two weeks now. I got it back yesterday. It is so tempting to just stay a while longer and install all these new files. I hate that I love to make art. ;-}

In message 5 on Thu Dec 7 09:29:47 EST 1995, John Paul (cope@connect.reach.net) from c10.reach.net said:

I can not believe the number excuses I come up with to not make art. I did manage to finish two pieces last week, but I still have five or six on the boards.

In message 6 on Sat Jan 13 04:43:09 EST 1996, John Paul (cope@connect.reach.net) from c3.reach.net said:

I have finally started on my fox and it is emerging. I had the dream about 15 years ago and have not used the image. I am glad I have. It looks great and has taken me back to the dream and an event that took place with a fox.

In message 7 on Thu Jan 18 08:58:12 EST 1996, John Paul (cope@telos.ca) from c12.reach.net said:

Finally I have the new edition of the site up and running. I am picking up a new used Amiga 3000 Tower on the weekend. Hopefully I will soon be able to get some art done. I hope you enjoy the new images. Check out John Mortenson's stuff.

In message 8 on Sat Feb 3 15:07:21 EST 1996, Matthew Allen (ak495@ccn.cs.dal.ca) from ccn.cs.dal.ca said:

I am an animator/video artist who makes his living as a video editor of commercials, corporate videos, muisc videos, documentaries and more recentlt art peices and films. As i have struggled as we all do with realizing our creative potention, i believe i have discovered many truths with regards the to the courage necessary to release one's insatible hunger for creative expression through the discipline of craft. Iwill collect an e-mail address and mail you with my thoughts as you have invited them to rise. peace.

In message 9 on Sat Feb 3 17:57:25 EST 1996, John Paul (cope@connect.reach.net) from c32.reach.net said:

Welcome Matthew
I look forward to reading your collection of thoughts. Perhaps I can put them in the library for others to share.
Feel free to express your self here too. I am currently working on three pieces. The thing that holds me back is life.
I get too involved with projects and finally I have to put the projects to one side and do my art.
I find that I need to set artificial goals. Like the guys are coming over for a men's meeting in two weeks. I have vowed to myself to complete two by then.
It si nice to blame the weather. God is it cold in the studio. Two days before the guys arrive I will be in the studio with guilt and the cold hovering outside.

In message 10 on Tue Feb 13 01:08:19 EST 1996, JimSchmit (jasa@lava.net) from dialup120.lava.net said:

I am an architect born in Minnesota and living in Hawaii since 1968. Sometimes I draw buildings, sometimes I design things, usually I succeed in creating some parts that can be called art. In 25 years of practicing for a living I have only on rare occasions created works of art, but the rewards make up for the other lesser works.

In message 11 on Tue Feb 13 08:49:20 EST 1996, John Paul (cope@connect.reach.net) from c14.reach.net said:

Life is art. That is such a rich statement. It can come up and bite you in the arse when you least expect it.
When I was studying at Vermont College part of my studies was the Men's movement. For over a year I was involved with this subject and the way men are viewed in our society.
I was also building a wood shed that summer. While constructing it by hand with no machinery I cracked jokes about how it was my major erection of the summer. It was thirty feet high.
While my wife and I were raising these thirty foot cedars I made penis jokes.
HA-ha big joke
The roof was particularly difficult, because I had to stretch out on this steep slope and screw nail the sheet metal. I had new metal for the front, but could only afford old for the back.
I had no idea of what it looked like.
That Fall I happened to walk behind the shed looking for trees to cut and then I noticed the back roof of the shed. It was shaped, because of the multitude of colours of sheet metal, like a phallic symbol.
Art, what a life.

In message 12 on Tue Feb 20 18:59:40 EST 1996, John Paul (cope@telos.ca) from c15.reach.net said:

I almost completed those two pieces. Another day should finish them. How I am going to find the day is another question. The Gallery is keeping me very busy. I am finally going to be getting new used equipment this weekend. I am going to try to get to the studio tomorrow. Its raining I love the light in the rain.