Canada Dreams
       Ruber -Yang -advancing -highlight -luster
        Sexual Chakra, Muladhara, Coccygeal center, Gonad center, Yama, Ephesus, 1st church(morals),
        Freud,  increases appetite, introspection, earth, hydrogen, element(matter).
        I need. Blood, life(materialistic), life force, stimulating, birth, castration, emotions.
        Light warm red is a trumpet, Light cool red is the singing of a violin.
        Cool red (madder) sad middle tones of Cello
        Ruled by Mars. DO, the first musical note. Key C.
        Inner sound drone of bumblebee during meditation.
        Signifies suffering and death of Christ. War strife and sacrifice.
        Square Form .....matter,gravity,limitation, or resting matter (Itten)
        Cadmium red light & alizarin crimson mixed produce spectral red.
                   War, blood, sun or sacrifice.
                   Glows from within, by itself is materialistic.
                Feng Shui:
                   Li, Fame, South, Fire, Eye. Auspicious, happiness, warmth,
                   strength, fame. Energy source, stimulator, expells bad ch'i
                   Pink: K'UN, Marriage, Relationships, Mother, the Organs,
                   love, joy, romance
                   Pink: Love, joy, happiness, and romance
                Healing Ray
                        Energizes liver, adrenals, anaemia, & paralysis.
                        Assists one to take action & overcome fear. Increases hemoglobin and iron.
                        Follow with blue or green to balance. Charges the field, burning out cancer.
                                Inflammatory conditions, & emotional disturbances.
                                Can promote resentment, conceit, or contempt.
        Scarlet overdose of ego and righteous anger.
        Pink or coral signifies immaturity.
        Red : White
                Wine & Bread, Dionysus & Apollo, red maternal/white paternal sky gods,
        Red+White=Pink the blending or resolution of life.
        Red : Green
                material force : sympathy
       Red : Pink
                The onset of menses
        Rose Pink
                Integrates physical & spiritual, life process, gestalt.
                Moving into one's task.

Other colours Autre couleurs

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