Rêves Canadiens


            The sweet flesh slips down
            the sandpaper tunnel
            Cooly abrasive
            Bringing the molten dreams of the sun

            The dragons snap in the summer heat
            as Jack in his pulpit preaches
            to a congregation of bees (Amen!)

            Fire and brimstone wade down the weedy stems
            burning a path on the wet brown floor
            As virtue is trumpeted to the keepers of Above
            to demonstrate the wrath of God

            Hummingbirds part the sea (Moses!)

            Stand, and ye shall be saved!
            The tongues of a thousand ancient voices
            ring out in the garden light
            And the moon watches, morbidly curious,
            the sacrifice of the night.

            The sandpaper burns (St. John, save me!)

            Eroding the shell
            Exposing the serpent who feeds on fear
            And dwells in the unknown
            Black and rippling beneath me

            I feel the sharp bite of the blade
            Green and sweet

            I am released (O, eternity!)

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