Rêves Canadiens

                The Trailer Park That I Once Was

                The trailer park
                that I once was
                of coarse language
                cigarette smoke
                and Velvet Elvis
                on the radio

                Wizened women
                with tea bag eyes
                eating gossip stew
                fermenting rivalry
                to join the ranks
                of those aged too young
                made bitter too soon

                Initiation madness
                of alcoholic anger
                meek, mild patriarch
                of no-spine man
                cowardly lion

                Pick up the pieces
                of your shattered lies
                he said, she said
                THEY said
                nonsense crap
                falling in the whirlwind
                of farmhand dynamics

                This was the trailer park
                that I once was

                White paper
                black lines
                called insane
                defective sperm that saved
                the universe
                from madness procreated
                Pot-head diabetic
                never ending
                backbiting games

                Vicious battle
                hidden truths and
                fabricated lies to point
                the dirty finger
                and find the fault
                hide behind contempt
                to protect the soft spots

                stolen privacy
                stalking habits dead
                intimidating legacy
                leave you
                no more
                dissolved partnership
                unwanted problems take
                them with you and
                keep them

                Good riddance
                bad rubbish
                flashlight dream
                turn it off

                Not interested
                in cloak and dagger
                pretentious idiot

                Follow the tangent of
                your own making
                far away from me

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