Les Rêves Canadiens

I have created this Gallery for Artists to gain access to the Net. Many of the artists that I know locally are uncomfortable with computers. I hope to be able to offer these artists a chance to display their art to the world. I also invite artists from other corners of the globe to join the Canadian Dream Gallery. In the How section I explain why non-Canadians are so welcome to the Gallery.
I have given much thought to pricing. I am using a very old A500 Amiga to write the pages and do some of the image manipulation. Quinte Online my only sponser allows me to use their top of the line IBMs and scanner after hours. At some point I will need to buy my own equipment, and devote more time to the gallery this will force my prices to rise. My rates are $10 per image for scanning, cleaning and sizing and $10 per page for transcribing text. Commission on sales will be 10% paid to the gallery. All these prices are subject to change without notice. Well some notice.8^)
I will also reject any work that is of questionable content and intent. I am very open to dialogue though. ;-)

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