Les Rêves Canadiens

          A Final Goodbye: In Memory of The People's Princess

                    You came into our lives,
                    Touching everyone you met,
                    Your words,
                    Your touch,
                    Your love was always there,
                    When it was needed.

                    Then, without a warning,
                    You left us all alone,
                    To sorrow in our memories,
                    Of someone so loved,
                    Yet so alone.

                    Without a chance,
                    You went and gone away.
                    We'll never forget you,
                    As we whisper a final,

                    Is it too late to,
                    Thank you now?
                    Our hearts beg and cry,
                    To see your smiling face.
                    Why did you have to go away?
                    You were just too young,
                    Your life had just begun.

                    And now up in heaven,
                    Where an angel like you belongs,
                    You look down on us,
                    Smiling that beautiful smile,
                    You gave for so long.
                    And we pray, love,
                    That you'll be happy.
                    You're not alone anymore.

                    And as we stand here,
                    And look to the heaven's above,
                    We shed a tear for you,
                    We give you all our love.
                    Thank you for all you've done,
                    Now we whisper to you,
                    A final goodbye.
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