Canada Dreams
        Viridis -Neutral -balancing -image(hold form)
        Heart Chaukra, Anahata, Heart Plexus, sensations, Dorsal, permanency, security.
        I care.  Nurture/control, healing, regeneration, hope. Smell of mint.
        Predominant colour of nature.
        Yellow (knowledge) + Blue (faith) = Green (compassion).
        Ruled by Saturn. FA is the fourth musical note placid middle notes of a violin. Key of F.
        Inner sound of astral bell during meditation. 
        Youthfulness and fertility.
                Resolve:Giving mother and father back to each other after the Oedipal and Electra phase.
        Spherical Triangle Form (Itten)
        Phthalocyanine green & a lot of cadmium yellow pale.
               Feng Shui:
                  CHÊN, Family, Wood, Foot, East.
                  Tranquility, hope, freshness. Spring growth.
                   Most restful colour, but can be wearisome.
                   South indicates growth. Mouse in the grass.
                Healing Ray
                        Peaceful sleep, pituitary stimulant, problems of the heart.
                        Rebuilds muscles & tissue. Linked to nitrogen & then amino-acids.
                        Helps oxygen enter cells. Blood-pressure, ulcers, headaches, flu, & cancer.
                         Can promote sense of injustice & grievance with rigid fixations.
        Lemony green
        Forest Green
                The witch nurturer especially with Orange & Black
        Green : Red
                Christmas a pivotal time
        Green and Peach: Acceptance of flesh love of one's own body.

Other colours Autre couleurs

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