Canada Dreams
        Caeruleus -Yin -receding -background -luster
        Throat Chaukra, Visuddha, Plexus Cervicus, higher reasoning, inner peace,
        devotion, Rogerian(lightblue), truth, oxygen.
        I love, nurturing, light blue is a flute, darker a cello, darkest blue is an organ.
        Inner sound of Ocean roar.
        Ruled by Jupiter. The true colour of the sun SOL the Key of G.
        Circle Form spirit in eternal motion (Itten)
        Contemplation, prayer, heaven, trust.
        Phthalocyanine blue & ultramarine blue with a hint of white.
               Feng Shui:
                   KÊN, Knowledge, Spirituality, Hand.
                   Dual meanings: New beginnings
                                  Cold mouning colour
                   Heavenly, rest, draws in, away from spectator.
                   Blue is the place of holy sky spirits.
                        Topaz & moonstone.
                        Astringent, cooling, expansive, antiseptic, sore throat,
                        hoarseness, goitre, palpitation, bilious attacks, colic,
                        jaundice, cuts, burns, soothes mind, fevers,
                        children's ailments (measles & mumps), stings, itches,
                        headaches, shock, insomnia, & periodic pains.
                        Adrenals ruled by Jupiter.
                        Pineal dazzling blue ruled by Neptune spiritually & Mercury intellectually.
                                Colds, muscle cramps, paralysis, gout, tachycardia,
                                hypertension. Rheumatism when acute, but orange when chronic.
                                Can promote faithlessness, selfish ambition, distrust, apathy,
                                & lack of spirit.
        Blue : Red
                Conflict, red libido consumed by negative maternal forces
                        Resolved by birth in the Yellow sun/ if there is no resolve
                        paranoia follows with loss of autonomy.
        Blue : Pink
                Curving, physical dependency, and regression.
        Blue : Orange
                Antagonism toward mother/ while putting her on pedestal.

Other colours Autre couleurs

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