Canada Dreams
       Arausio -Yang -advancing -highlight
        Chi, Svadhisthara, Plexus Epigestricus, Adler
        I want. Courage, competition, ambition, social,
        Anal(developmentally), anger at authority when brownish
        Red (power) + Yellow (knowledge) = Orange (proud self-respect,
        desires harmony, peacemaker, integrater)
        Bright golden orange thoughtfulness, glory, virtue, the sun.
        RE second note on music scale. Key of D. Inner sound astral flute.
        Trapezoid Form (Itten)
        Cadmium orange
                Kandinsky: a man, convinced of his own powers. red brought nearer
               to humanity by yellow. An old violin or angelus or church bell.
               Feng Shui:
                  Happiness Power
                  Peach: Attraction love relationships
                Healing Ray
                  Circulation, spleen, asthma, bronchities, faulty elimination,
                  epilepsy, lungs, copper & calcium, cramps, gas, strengthens bones,
                  eliminates past habits, gallstones, removes inhibitions, & diabetes.
                  Increase sexual potency and immunity.
                                Can promote destructiveness, despair, or exhibitionism.
        Orange : Purple
                Libido & parental struggle.
        Orange : Dark Green or Black  (harvest moon)
                Female sexual issues, with feeling of possessing magical properties.
        Orange : Blue or Purple  proud self-respect:submissive faith
                Passive-aggressive, rage against smothering blue, the more orange
                the more issues with father. 

Other colours Autre couleurs

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