Viola -Yin -receding -background
        Crown Chakra, Sahasrara Padma, Pituitary, Unconsciousness, creative imagination.
        I merge to seek. Link between objective & subjective.
        Red (love) + Blue (faith) = Violet (piety)
        Ruled by Moon. Ti the seventh note. Key of B.
        In China sign of morning. English horn, and woodwinds e.g. bassoon.
                Escape from reality or transcending, heralding integration.
                A prelude to or following rainbow.
                Venus emanates a violet feminine ray.
                Represented by eight sided star with eight graces:
                patience, humour, forgiveness, humility, willingness, courage, responsibility,
                & unconditional love.
        Elliptical Form (Itten)
        Ultramarine blue & alizarin crimson & white
        Feng Shui:
           SUN, Wealth, Power, auspicious, inspires respect
       Red withdrawn from humanity by blue.
                Healing Ray
                        Lowers body heat, acidic, non-magnetic, electric, putrefies blood(leucocytes),
                        nourishes upper brain, stress, insomnia, eye trouble, & stimulates spleen.
                        Controls hunger, good for bones, maintains potassium-sodium balance.
                        Scalp disease. Calms the violently insane.
                        Stops the growth of tumours.
                           Depresses, heart, muscles, lymphatic glands, & motor nervous system.
                           Can promote snobbishness
        Violet : Pink
                Regressive unity with Good Mother through
                meditation/dissociation death of personality. 

Other colours Autre couleurs

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